About Us

Dynamic with Decades of Experience:

We are a dynamic, progressive and extremely diversified legal unit, embracing Thai law and Private Investigations conducted Globally. Maximizing experience in the fields of private investigation and asset recovery, understanding just how grave, dark and desperate the needs of our potential clients can become. Decades of experience and understanding, dealing with difficult and complex situations, we will give you honest advice on the first meeting and commit to a feasibility study very, very quickly. Time is always of the essence and make sure that we are your first call when you have a legal need and not the last call, though we are excellent when placed into either synopsis.
We operate with our own strict Code of Values and they are:

  1. Simple: Keep our process Simple and Easy to Understand.
  2. Professional: Always exercise the highest Standard of Professionalism possible.
  3. Caring: Be Efficient and Care about Clients needs and feelings.
  4. Truthful: Always have integrity and be truthful with clients.
  5. Cost Effective: Keep our pricing sharp and offer exceptional Value for Money.

Goal and aim:
Our Goal and Aim is to protect our clients and the interests of our clients to the maximum possible within the realms of the Law and upholding their Civil Liberties. Bridging the gap in communication that can sometime arise between languages, cultures and territories. Always with the primary goal to mind, to provide solutions that equate to a success and potential redress.

With our understanding and unique team, with disciplines and experience to the highest levels in Law and Process in Thailand, we are stronger than we could possible put into the written word.
Strength in knowledge and resource, being our Strength.
Quite simply, we consider all cases, irrespective of technical complexity and to what degree of desperation or predicament that you may find your self placed in, either knowingly or unknowingly.
Email or call for a discreet call in the fullest of confidence: