Stolen Assets

Stolen Assets

If you think that you have had property or assets stolen, we are keen to hear from you.

Please have in preparation for our first meeting, all of the evidence that you possess so that we may discuss in detail and progress quickly to a clear and honest understanding of your actual position with regard to where your assets or property may be. All details relating to contact with the Police must be disclosed including any crime reference numbers.

The devil is in the detail, so make sure that every email, every letter, every document and receipt, legal communication that you can uncover, is to hand and in date order. Evidence is crucial to any fraud case, so please keep it held in a very safe and secure location until such times that you are ready to progress matters and seek advice about potential redress, reversal and asset recovery.

If matters have gone to a level where your safety is threatened, we can do a full risk assessment on your personal security and look at that at the same time. We do have the provision for close protection in Thailand globally through our network of agents, so that is something that can be organized on a very realistic costing level. We have a solid network in Thailand where we can deliver a personal security solution very, very rapidly and thus remove a side issue that could be hindering the progressions to a resolution through serious and serial intimidation. We will liaise with the Thai Police on all matters as and when legally required and keep you informed of any progression on any matters relevant to your recovery of stolen property.

Remember to be honest, open and talk in complete confidence and confidentiality. We will understand your situation implicitly. Our initial feasibility study is comprehensive and we will get to grips with your individual situation very, very quickly and look at solutions or options specific to your individual requirements.

Contact us today for a FREE & CONFIDENTIAL chat about your issues and start gaining control of your real and actual position.