Private Investigation

Private Investigation

London Associated Law & Private Investigation (Thailand) Ltd., has a strong ability and capability to meet and potentially exceed the needs of its clients with regard to Professional Investigation Services.

We establish objectives quickly and effectively, ensuring legal compliance and develop a plan considering all consequences and to meet the agreed objective. We trace, track and check our performance, reviewing, modifying where necessary and avoiding conflicts of interest, making sure that we operate within the law, gaining intelligence, systematically analyzing and corroborating information to maximum client strength of position.

Following British Standard Codes of Practice and SIA guidelines, we can accommodate investigation work relative to:

  • Accident analysis
  • Blackmail
  • Family (Including Missing Persons, children, kidnap and genealogy)
  • Fraud (False Accounting, forgery, abuse of position, omission)
  • Loss (Insurance, damage)
  • Intellectual Property (Copyright and trademarks)
  • Provenance (Land)
  • Statement Taking (Civil and criminal)
  • Due Diligence (Employment issues and Investments)
  • Surveillance
  • Theft (Personal and business)
  • Tracing (Debtors, missing persons, relatives, probate)
  • Litigation Support (Process Serving, liaising between Solicitors/Lawyers, interviewing witnesses & suspects)
  • Investigation Purposes (For prosecution, litigation, recovery of property, discipline)
  • Prevention of Loss or Crime
  • Intelligence Grading

Using varying sources of information from Documents, Interviews, Surveillance, Statements, Open search research, collaborative partners, on-line databases, developed intelligence and intelligence sources.

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