Buying Property

Buying Property

The Thailand property market continues to boom when examining the long-term facts and figures of the Real Estate Market. However, if you are residing overseas or an established expatriate within Thailand, the purchasing process can appear to be potentially complex and frightening, if you are not prepared on many levels prior to your potential purchase.

At LA Law Thailand, we are happy to talk through the preparation work and feasibility to your asset purchase, taking into consideration:

  • The Territory in which you would like to purchase
  • Purchase processing costs, Taxation and Legal Duty
  • Location and condition of property
  • Quality, Warrantee and guarantee

In simple terms, we hold your hand through the legal processes and help you to see the many positives and enjoy the benefits. Which include but are not limited to:

  • Owning property in your own name
  • Owning the property with substantial and legal title deed
  • Potential Rent Yield and asset appreciation
  • Low maintenance and management fee costs

Therefore if you need further information from London Associated Law & Private Investigation (Thailand) Ltd., with regard to your property purchase please email or call ASAP.