Mortgages for Non-Thai Nationals

Trying to gain access to mortgage type borrowing for foreigners in Thailand is generally not possible. Any access to borrowing is limited, offering extremely strict terms and conditions. The Thai Government are promoting and encouraging banks to lessen the criteria to promote the country, but still it remains strict. For example, incorporating clear definition on the property title being held in the foreigners’ actual name and if a condominium property, it being registered under the Condominium Act.

However, Banks are appearing much more friendly now, to the topic of personal loans and credit cards in Thailand. General help with car loans, condominium purchases, with lending criteria specific to the banks individual policy and linked with foreigners that have lived and worked in Thailand for several years.

So if you have a work or Thai residence permit, employment contract or agreement, pay-slips, correct age, a secure job with a bona fide company, you have a good chance of gaining help with your financial and credit needs.