Title Deeds

Title Deeds 

 Confirming the Right of Possession, issued by the Land Department of Thailand is an absolute must when purchasing land or property in Thailand. Actual and physical proof of the legal title and rights of use of a land, need confirming before proceeding so that you are safe in your purchase and safe in the future ownership on all matters.

Chanote – Land Title Deeds

The Land title called a ‘Chanote’ or Nor.Sor.4 Jor (NS4J) is the preferred land title irrespective of leasing or full ownership purchase of land in Thailand. These land titles will have been surveyed accurately with regard to a national survey grid and give you the most true definition of the land mass and its size, layout and position. A ‘Chanote’ is the highest land title available in Thailand and includes an index, of which shows an encumbrance. Therefore any mortgage or registered lease rights will be shown, thus giving a further measure of peace of mind with regard to the purchase process.

Nor Sor Sam – Land Title

The Land Title called Nor Sor Sam (NS3) or Khor or Nor Sor Sam Gor (NS3G), shows who has rights to the land and legal possession of the land. This Title Deed is issued by the Land Department, and has the physical name of that person listed on it. The Title Deed is lawful and carries full weight of evidence to prove the actual ownership, plus is also having the ability to be upgraded to full ownership Title Deed ‘Chanote’.

The Difference between Nor Sor Sam (NS3) and Chanote Land Title is that the land plot has not been accurately measured and surveyed like the Chanote. So lacking the unique number referenced marker posts set into the ground. So verification of actual pin pointed ownership is not so clear and beyond any doubt or grey areas. Not forgetting that this type of land may be sold subject to a 30-day period of notice to see if anyone contests ownership hence facilitating disputes and discrepancies on land ownership.

Nor Sor Sam with the inclusion of Khor or Gor means that the land has indeed been upgraded and surveyed to the point of setting out the parcel of land accurately, by aerial survey. With full and accurate definition of the land, it is therefore possible to sub-divide the land to smaller parcels and it thus removes the 30-day notice necessity.

It cannot be emphasized enough to the importance of the Land Department and those specific administrators having registered details of land owners and details, so that any legal title may be recorded, complete and enforceable. This avoiding future and potential problems.

Other Land Titles

Aside of the previously mentioned and listed Land Titles, other forms of Land Titles do exist. Some are issued by the Land Department and some by Government Departments, with some having claims, rights of private, rights of possession and some with no rights at all.

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