Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery

Asset misappropriation is something that can happen to just about anybody and has hit the public spotlight time and time again in recent years. With the obvious fact that nationality, status, wealth, sex, race or ethnicity holds no boundaries to the length of which certain individuals may go to, to gain control over the assets and possessions of another. Fraud, as you could label it generally, tends to affect the lives of not just the victim, but those of involved in that persons life on many additional levels. For example, families, workers, employees, businesses and marriages can be affected negatively, including health.

Unfortunately, the point of realization is often too late and after the potential fraud has been committed and executed. However, the perpetrators of fraud have the potential to face both civil and criminal charges and penalties. Compensation also being potentially extended by the public prosecutor whereby matters like physical harm, mental harm, damage to reputation, damage to property and damage to physical liberty may be taken into account.

Where matters may only be dealt with on a civil level, damages can sometimes be sought for compensation or return of assets, rather than criminal punishment. Moreover seeking redress and return of assets and property to the rightful and legitimate owner.

For the most part of understanding this and how to seek redress, be mindful to recover, find and prepare every scrap and trail of evidence and paperwork that you can. Every email, every letter, every document and receipt, legal communication that you can uncover and keep held in a very safe and secure location. Timing is everything and the sooner you seek redress the more fresh the occurrence and plot could be in your memory.

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